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The Living Mummy

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Real Name
First Appearance
Supernatural Thrillers #5 (August, 1973)
Steve Gerber, Rich Buckler
Team Affliations
S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Paranormal Containment Unit, Shock Troop, Legion of Monsters
The Mummy, Captain Ace Bandages
Base of Operations
Superhuman strength and durability, High-level resistance to injury, Mystic senses
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

N'Kantu (The Living Mummy) is an ancient undead superhero in the Marvel Universe.


N'Kantu was the leader of a slave rebellion against the Egyptian rulers.  After killing the pharoah Aram-Set, N'Kantu was mummified alive by a wizard and entombed for 3,000 years.  When he was revived in the modern era, he became a monstrous hero.


N'Kantu was born in Egypt and was the son of the T'Chombi, the chief of the Swarilli tribe, three millenia ago.  When N'Kantu reached age 21, he completed a Rite of Passage called the Test of the Lion, where he single-handedly killed a lion, proving himself a warrior and succeeding his father as cheiftain.  During this time, the Swarilli tribe had been enslaved by the Pharoah Aram-Set.  His people fought hard and Aram-Set attempted to break N'Kantu's spirit but his strength and resolve made it very difficult and made him a hero to his people. During this time, N'Kantu met a necromancer named Rakses and for reasons that are unclear the two became hateful enemies to each other. At night, he would come to his tribe to give them words of hope and promise of escape. Eventually, he lead a revolt and personally slayed the Pharoah with his spear.


Appears in Ultimate Spider man.