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The Lobe


Real Name
First Appearance
Freakazoid, "Handman"
Bruce Timm, Paul Dini
Team Affliation
Freakazoid's Rogues Gallery (though they rarely work together)
Washington, D.C.
Mutated Brain
Skills and Abilities
Various inventions

The Lobe is one of the main villains in the animated TV series Freakazoid. He has a very huge brain that makes him super-genius.

He is voiced by David Warner.


Very little is known about the Lobe before crossing paths with Freakazoid or what exactly the Lobe is (A mutant? An alien?).  We first see him encounter Freakazoid in the episode "Handman", in which he is defeated by Freakazoid's new sidekick Handman (who is simply Freakazoid's hand a hand puppet).  He next appears in "The Lobe", in which he is about to perform a lobotomy on Freakazoid (while being cheered on by Freakazoid's rogue's gallery), only to be tricked into blown up.  The Lobe next shows up in the episode "Terror on the Midway" (AKA "Relax-O-Vision") teaming with several villains to defeat Freakazoid, only to be undone by the censorship of Relax-O-Vision.

The Lobe is next revealed to be the villain behind the evil plot to turn people into clowns in the episode "The Cloud", in which the Lobe plots to turn people into clowns, so they can ingratiate themselves into people's hearts and enter their homes because "everybody loves a clown."  Freakazoid convinces the Lobe that it is a terrible plan since nobody likes clowns and browbeats him into giving up.  After the Lobe leaves defeated, Freakazoid reveals he actually thinks it's a great plan and was just lying to stop the Lobe.

The Lobe returns (with his henchmen Medula and Oblongata) in the episode "Dexter's Date" with a plan to steal every TV show ever produced with a special new invention.  However, before the Lobe can finish his job, Freakazoid quickly despenses of the Lobe and his men (which disappoints the Lobe, who wanted more of a fight) before being zapped by the TV stealing device.  However, as soon as Freakazoid leaves, the Lobe and his men escape.  Feeling frustrated by the lack of a proper night out, the Lobe decides to go to dinner at the Washington Gardens (where Freakazoid's alter-ego Dexter Douglas is on a date).  Freakazoid, meanwhile, discovers he is unable to return to Dexter and can only turn into TV celebrities.  When Freakazoid sees the Lobe at the restaurant, he bargains with him for a cure.  The Lobe agrees to cure him in exchange for a mad chase to make up for the lack of an epic battle earlier that evening.  Freakazoid obliges and after the chase he happily cures him and gives himself up (and goes out for ice cream with Cosgrove).

The Lobe returns once more in "The Freakazoid", in which he visits Freakazoid on his birthday, claiming that a super-hero cannot deny the request of anyone who visits him on his birthday, as dictated by the Super-Hero Code Book.  The Lobe requests that Freakazoid leave him alone and begins a crime spree that Freakazoid is powerless to stop without breaking the super-hero rules.  However, Freakazoid discovers that the Code Book and the rules were fabricated by the Lobe and sends him to prison.

In the episode "Virtual Freak", the Lobe returns once more to trap Freakazoid and Cosgrove in a virtual reality game, only to be defeated with the help of Steph.

He later appears in "The Island of Dr. Mystico", in which he, Freakazoid and a group of Freakazoid's friends and enemies get trapped on an island by a madman and must rely on each other to escape, which they eventually do.

The Lobe's final plot was to defeat Freakazoid with the help of celebrity carpenter Norm Abrams, who he believed could build a giant wooden horn that could shatter Freakazoid.  After failling once more, he and the rest of the cast for  Freakazoid! perform a rendition of the song "We'll Meet Again."


The Lobe is a supervillain who tries to keep an air of sophistication, but also suffers from low self-esteem, being convinced to quit his evil plan after Freakazoid tells him it's terrible.  Nonetheless he is unrepentantly evil and his grand goal seems to be causing as much chaos as possible, as well as trying to defeat Freakazoid.  It is also implied that beyond the power and material gain that he likes the excitement of villainy, as demonstrated in "Dexter's Date" in which he refuses to help Freakazoid unless he is given an action packed chase he was denied earlier in the episode.


Super Intelligence - The Lobe is super-intelligent, which seems to have something to do with his giant brain, though how he got it remains a mystery.

Skills and Abilities[]

Super Intelligence - The Lobe is super-intellegent and seems capable in inventing all manner of tools and weapons.


The Lobe has designed a number of tools and weapons to assist in his evil schemes.  This includes:

Clown Ray - A device that turns people into clowns, who are also slaves to the Lobe's will.  It is a ray beam fixed to a motor cart that the Lobe drives around while concealed in a cloud in the mountains.

Unnamed Recording Device - He also invents a device that allows him to record every TV show ever created, in an attempt to have it at his fingertips.  Inadvertently, it effects Freakazoid and forces him to transform into celebrities.