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Real Name
Jubal Nixon
First Appearance
Freakazoid, "Hot Rods from Heck"
Bruce Timm, Paul Dini
Team Affliation
Freakazoid's Rogues Gallery (though largely they don't work together so much as they are seen together)
Base of Operations
His Truck, Bessie Mae
He has horns
Skills and Abilities
Peak physical condition, country singing, trucking

Longhorn (Jubal Nixon) is a villain from the animated tv series Freakazoid. He is quite strong and truck called Bessie Mae and wishes to become a beloved country singer.

Longhorn is voiced by Maurice LaMarche


Jubal Nixon was a criminal who attempted to evade the police by having plastic surgery, ending up looking like a Steer and moving onto super-crime to support his dream of becoming a country-western superstar.


Longhorn was once named Jubal "Bull" Nixon and he was an employee at Jon-nee Cat, selling cat litter before turning to a life of crime. Because he was hunted by the police, he had plastic surgery to turn himself into a steer (though it is unclear if he wanted infamy as a steer or if he thought of it as a disguise).  In his first big tangle with his enemy Freakazoid, Longhorn was using robot hot rodders to steal a titan missile in order to hold Nashville for ransom (so that Longhorn could gain a country music recording contract), only to be defeated.

He made several minor appearences after that, but didn't have a signicant reappearance until the episode "The Island of Dr. Mystico" in which Freakazoid must unite his friends and enemies to escape the mad scientist Dr. Mystico.  He is also seen as part of the cast singing "We'll Meet Again" in the final episode.


Longhorn is both as brutish and bull-headed as his name suggests, using violence to get his way.  However, he also has a deep love of country music and his true desire is to become a Nashville star.


Horns - Longhorn has no real super-powers, save for the working horns on his head, which he uses to charge enemies.

Skills and Abilities[]

Amateur Musician - Though Longhorn loves to play country music, he doesn't seem to be particularly good at it (even his left hand man cringes when thinking about having to endure it).

Possible Abilities - Longhorn may also have his own mechanical expertise, depending on whether he built or reprogrammed the "Hot Rods from Heck" or whether he stole them and had someone else program them.

Tools and Weapons[]

Hot Rodders from Heck - Longhorn did have a gang of robotic hot rodders that were capable of driving cars and stealing a nuclear device until they were destroyed by Freakazoid.