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Luke Cage

Luke Cage Marvel Zombies.jpg

Real Name
Luke Cage
First Appearance
Ultimate Fantastic Four #22 (October, 2005)
Mark Millar, Greg Land, Archie Goodwin [original character], John Romita, sr. [original character], George Tuska [original character]
Team Affiliations
Marvel Zombies, the Avengers [formerly]
Power Man
Base of Operations
New York City
Super Strength, Super Endurance, Undead Physiology
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

Luke Cage is a superhero turned zombie in the Marvel Multiverse and is an alternate reality version of the superhero Luke Cage.


Once a brave superhero, Luke Cage was infected with a mysterious force and turned into a flesh eating ghoul, along with the other superheroes of that universe.


Though it is unverified, it is likely the Luke Cage of this Earth had a very similar past to that of the Luke Cage of the Marvel Universe.  One day, an undead version of the superhero Sentry appeared in the middle of downtown and started causing death and destruction.  Cage was bitten and infected with a strange virus that turned him into a flesh-eating ghoul.

After eating many innocent people, Cage and the Avengers' minds cleared for a while, at which point they reconvened in Avengers Mansion in order to find a way to cure themselves or stop the zombies.