MC Bat Commander

MC Bat Commander

Real Name
First Appearance
Christian Jacobs
Team Affliations
The Aquabats
The Caped Commander, The Bat Commander
Base of Operations
Orange County, Mobile [in TV series]
Black Magic Tooth
Skills and Abilities
Crime Fighting Experience, Rock Musician
Tools and Weapons

MC Bat Commander is the front man for the ska/pop group The Aquabats, who put on live superhero stage shows during their concerts and is a character on the TV series The Aquabats Super Show!

MC Bat Commander is created and portrayed by Christian Jacobs.


According to the MC Bat Commander, he and the rest of the Aquabats are refugees from the island of Aquabania due to being chased out by the evil Space Monster M.  Upon arriving on land, he was healed and his friends where given special powers.  They decided to use their gifts to fight for justice.  It should be noted that this origin may not be accurate with the rest of the continuity of the character and may also be a flat-out fabrication by MC Bat Commander.


MC Bat Commander's past is uncertain and the origin he claims to have doesn't completely fit in with some of the other character origins, making his accounting of his past questionable at best.  According to the Bat Commander himself, he and the rest of his music group, the Aquabats, were from the island of Aquabania.

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