Mace Blitzkrieg
Mace Blitzkrieg.jpg
Real Name
First Appearance
Comics Greatest World: Steel Harbor - The Machine (August, 1993)
Chris Warner, Mike Mignola
Team Affliation
Prime Movers
Base of Operations
Steel Harbor
Super Strength
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons

Mace Blitzkrieg is a criminal from the Dark Horse Universe who organized the Prime Movers, a group of the leaders of every gang in Steel Harbor, excluding the Wolf Gang.


The origins of Mace Blitzkrieg have never been revealed.


How Mace became a master criminal and how he received his powers are unknown, though he likely get his powers from the event that gave powers to others.  He also seems to have some powerful connections and may be working for a powerful person or persons, but the exact details remain unknown.  What is known is that his power, intelligence and resources helped him become the leader of the superpowered gang known as the Prime Movers.

In the year 1993, he made a move to unite all of the major gangs into a singular force to completely dominate Steel Harbor.  He was largely successful except with the small yet powerful Wolf Gang, who refused to join Mace's coalition.  Mace then began to create a city wide riot, seemingly for the benefit of his mysterious benefactor/benefactors, that threatened to rip the city apart.

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