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Real Name
Zane Townsend
First Appearance
Creatures of the Id (October, 1991)
Michael Allred
Team Affliations
The Atomics
Frank Einstein (now treated as his real name)
Base of Operations
Snap City
Supernatural aptitude in learning, Psychometry, Empathy, Clairvoyance, Supernatural reflexes
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Mastery, High Level of Accuracy
Tools and Weapons

Madman (Frank Einstein) is a superhero and the main protagonist comic book Madman and its spin-offs.


Once a deadly assassin, Zane Townsted was resurrected from the dead by two brilliant but mad scientists.  With no memory of his previous life, he is given the name Frank Einstein and begins a new life as Madman, a superhero who questions his place in the universe.


The Death of Zane Townsend[]

The early life of Zane Townsend is unknown.  What is known is that he was a member of the mysterous group known as the Tri-Eye Agency as an assassin.  Zane was later in a car accident that ended his life.

Birth of Frank Einstein[]

Two brilliant scientists, Dr. Egon Boiffard and Dr. Gillespie Flem, found Zane's body, stitched it back together and brought it to life via advanced scientific techniques.  Zane awoke but had no memory of his previous life and without evidence of Zane's existance, found that no one else could tell him.  Doctor Boifford decided to give him a new name: Frank Einsten, named after singer Frank Sinatra and scientist Albert Einstein.  The only things for many years that Frank was able to remember where vague and traumatic details of his death.  One of the few things he could remember is a love for the comic book superhero known as Mr. Excitement and created a superhero-styled outfit to emulate it.

Frank became the assistant to the two scientists and struggled with his own existential concerns both regarding his past and his place in the universe.