Magnus RF

Real Name
First Appearance
Magnus, Robot Fighter 4000 A.D. (Vol. 1) #1 (February, 1963)
Russ Manning
Team Affliation
Base of Operations
North Am
Superhuman strength, superhuman durability
Skills and Abilities
extensive martial arts training
Tools and Weapons

Magnus is the main character of the comic book series Magnus, Robot Fighter which was published by several companies including Gold Key and Valiant.  In the latter, the character was part of the Valiant Universe.


Raised by an old robot named 1A, Magnus learned to fight to protect humans from a totaltarian robot society with super strength and unique martial arts skills that can rend metal.


Magnus was born in North Am, a super-city that encompasses the entirety of the North American continent, and his parents remain unknown.  He was found by a very old robot named 1A, who raised the child.  With North Am under the control of an AI dictator named H8, 1A decided to train the young boy, who he named Magnus, to be able to do battle with robots.  One such technique included a fighting technique that allows him to break metal with his bare hands.  A1 also provided Magnus with a special device that allowed him to hear robot-to-robot communication, giving him an edge in information gathering.  As a result, Magnus fought both evil robots who would enslave humans and humans who would use robots for evil.  Later Magnus met Leeja Clane and the two fell in love.

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