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The Maid


Real Name
Joanna Dark
First Appearance
Top 10: The Forty-Niners (August, 2005)
Alan Moore, Gene Ha
Team Affliations
Top 10
Base of Operations
Skills and Abilities
Trained Police Officer, Sword Fighting Experience
Sword, Shield and Armor

Joanna Dark (AKA The Maid) is a superheroine police officer in Neopolis in the comic book series Top 10.


The exact history of Joanna Dark remains unrevealed.


Joanna Dark's exact history is unknown, including if she is or is connected to in some way the historical Joan D'Arc (Joan of Arc). She was one of the first police officers in Neopolis and helped battle the vampire mafia in the late 40's. Her life afterwards remain unknown though in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, she seemed to no longer be a part of the Neopolis police.


Divine Powers - The Maid seems to have vaguely defined devine powers. In addition, she is able to bless water, which she does to create holy water, which she used to defeat vampire criminals. Her word balloons are also shown having a glow, though it is unclear if this is tied to any specific power of not.

Skills and Abilities

Police Training - Joanna Dark has received the appropriate training needed to be a police officer in Neopolis.  It can be assumed she knows about proper police procedure and protocol.


Sword, Shield and Armor - Joanna is equipped with her own personal sword, shield and armor.