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Major Havoc

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Real Name
First Appearance
Empowered Vol. 1 (March, 2007)
Adam Warren
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
unnamed metropolis
Super Strong, Super Endurance
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons

Major Havoc is a superhero who appears in the comic book series Empowered.


No origin has been revealed for Major Havoc.


Major Havoc's origin and history has yet to be revealed save that he is a senior member of the superhero team the Superhomeys.  When he is first scene he is debating strategy with Captain Rivet and ends up laughing Empowered out of a Superhomeys meeting (along with the rest of the Superhomeys) when her suggestion for a plan is undercut by a fashion faux pas.  He later appears, rescuing Empowered from a gang of thugs.  Following an attack at an awards ceremony for superheroes, Empowered saved the day, but Major Havoc would go on to spread rumours of how she is a closeted supervillain and forces a gag order on her, making it impossible for her to defend herself.

Later, Major Havoc would lead a team of ten heroes to defeat the powerful supervillain Willy Pete.  However, the assault became a disaster when Willy Pete murdered them all except Havoc and another hero named TurboBrain.  Afterwards, Havoc blamed Empowered for the failure of the capture of Willy Pete, due to the fact that she suggested capturing him in the first place.


Major Havoc is known for his oafish and childish attitude.  He rarely takes responsibility for his own actions, often blaming his failures on others (usually Empowered).


The source of Major Havoc's powers have yet to be revealed.

  • Super Strength - Major Havoc is seen exhibiting super strength powers.
  • Super Endurance - Major Havoc's body is incredibly durable and hard to damage or hurt.

Skills and Abilities[]

For all his childishness, Major Havoc is an experienced crime fighting with competent fighting skills.