Marshal Law

Marshal Law

Real Name
Joe Gilmore

Marshal Law is an antihero from the comic book of the same name and a government "super hero hunter". The creators of Marshal Law were writer Pat_Mills artist, Kevin O'Neill. Marshal Law first appeared in October, 1987 in a six-issue series with Marvel Comic's Epic Comics Group.


Joe Gilmore, a man who lived in a world were superheroes were created by the government, became hateful of superheroes following several personal experiences with them as a superhero himself.  He dedicated his life to killing them, taking great relish in his work as "Marshal Law".



Joe Gilmore's early years are largely unknown.  Ended up joining the army and was later transformed into a super-soldier to fight in America's war with a South American nation known only as "The Zone".  Bionically enhanced, Joe found that in addition to superhuman physical prowess, he no longer felt pain nor empathy.  There were many soldiers like Joe and all of them gained an uncontrollable, sadistic, violent urges. Gilmore was put into a company of elite soldiers known as the Screaming Eagles.

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