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Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 (April, 1939)
Bill Everett, Lloyd Jacquet, and Fred Schwab

The Marvel Universe (AKA Earth-616) is the main universe of the Marvel superheroes published by Marvel Comics.


After the death of a previous universe, a big bang created a new one known today as Universe 616 (designated by various multiversal entities). The only survivor of the previous universe was the entity Galen, who then became the being known as Galactus. Across space, many mighty and significant races were born, including the Celestials, the Watchers, the Kree, the Shi'ar, and the Skrulls, to name a few. There would also be a multitude of gods and ancients, many from other realms most likely created around the same time as the universe such as the Nine Realms and the Dark Dimension (though it is possible that they have existed for longer)

After some time, the planet Earth would be created, which would have a tremendous impact on the universe as a whole. There is evidence that the immensely powerful cosmic beings known as the Celestials visited Earth in it's earliest days and most likely had a profound impact on the life that was evolving there at the time, creating the x-gene that would evolve humans into mutants. Later, the Kree visited the planet, after being made aware of the Celestials interest in the planet.