Marvel Zombies
Marvel Zombies.jpg
First Appearance
Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 (September, 2005)
Mark Millar, Greg Land, Robert Kirkman, Sean Phillips
Colonel America, Hulk, Dark Phoenix, Firelord, Gladiator, Iron Man, Giant Man, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Wolverine, countless others
Rallying Cry
Power Cosmic Zombies, Zombie Galacti, Intergalactic Zombies

The Marvel Zombies are a race of Marvel superheroes and villains (from a different dimension known as Earth-2149 than the main, or Earth-616 universe) turned into murderous zombies by a mysterious virus.


After encountering a superhero infected with a strange virus, the heroes of Earth were infected, becoming transformed into flesh-eating ghouls.


The exact origin of the virus that created the zombies is unknown. What is known is that the first ghoul to make itself known was the zombified version of the superhero the Sentry from a parallel Earth.  Shortly thereafter, the creature began devouring flesh and as superheroes arrived to stop him, they became infected with a mysterious virus that transformed them in a similar fashion.

Soon, the world's heroes began feasting on people until eventually there were few human survivors left to feed on. This included the mutant terrorist Magneto, who had found himself the protector of the last pockets of humanity.


In the video game Super Hero Squad Online, before the characters fight helped by other characters, there is a short conversation between them, in one of them Deadpool confuses the world of Thor Ultimate with the world where there was a zombie Thor.

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