Masked Rider


Real Name
Dex Stewart (Earth name), Prince Dex
First Appearance
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, "A Friend in Need"
Haim Saban, Shuki Levy
Team Affliation
Kamen Rider Black (it was loosely based on this Kamen Rider series and used footage from said series), Dex Stewart (nickname)
Base of Operations
Super-Strength, Ability to Transform, Scanning, X-Ray Vision, Can Sense Danger, Super Speed, Light Ray Projection, Telekinesis
Skills and Abilities
Excellent Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Motorcycle riding expertise
Tools and Weapons
Battle Armour, Chopper (a motorbike)

"Ecto-Phase, ACTIVATE!"

Masked Rider is the alter ego of Prince Dex of the Planet Edenoi.

He is the lead character of the TV series Masked Rider, which is the American version of the Japanese series Kamen Rider (which translates as Mask Rider).

Dex is played by Tad Jan Roberts.


Born on the planet Edenoi, Dex was given the powers of Edenoi's champion, the Masked Rider, by his grandfather, King Lexion, whixh were coveted by his wicked uncle, Count Dregon. When Dregon had taken over Edenoi, Dex and his friends formed a resistance, and with the help of the Power Rangers, defeated Dregon. Out of revenge, Dregon followed the Rangers back to Earth, and vowed to conquer it. A reluctant Dex agreed to go to Earth to prevent his uncle from ruining Earth like he did Edenoi. With his pet, Ferbus, Dex was taken in by the Stewart family, the only ones who know his secret, and uses his powers to fight Dregon's Insectivore monsters as the Masked Rider.


Dex was a prince born on the planet Edenoi, though his parents, the King and Queen of Edenoi, and their fate have yet to be revealed.  When he got older, he was bestowed superpowers by his grandfather, King Lexion, to be used to defend good, which he was able to activate at will.


  • Super Strength and Endurance
  • Telekinesis
  • Lightwave Generation
  • Telepathy
  • Image Projection
  • Danger Sense
  • Super Speed
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Hurricane Breath
  • Aquatic Adaptation
  • Teleportation