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Mayor Humdinger is the mayor of Foggy Bottom and uncle of Harold Humdinger and leader of The Kitten Catastrophe Crew in the animated Nick Jr series, Paw Patrol. He is a cunning, sassy and powerful man. He also became a super strong and purple giant after exposure to the energy of a meteor fragment in the Paw Patrol superhero themed sub-series, Mighty Pups Super Paws/Charged Up. Afterwards, he became a sidekick to the newest super villain in Adventure Bay, The Copycat, who gave him the name "Foggy Boy"


Humdinger is a highly competitive man who loves to cheat at virtually everything he sets to compete in. While being very antagonistic in the first season, mainly because he was confident he would win, he becomes extremely villainous in the second season. He is somewhat ego-maniacal, as well as megalomaniacal. He is also extremely charismatic, as he can manipulate Mayor Goodway and the PAW Patrol.

Before the meteor[]

Though usually just minding his own business and tending to his kittens, Mayor Humdinger has been known to cause trouble in order to make Foggy Bottom look better than Adventure Bay and make him the better mayor than his mayoral rival, Mayor Goodway. By having his cats do his dirty work, he often cheats at competitions and once stole an ancient scroll containing the secrets of all the animal martial arts in order to make his kittens' own fighting style, cat-jitsu, and essentially them, unbeatable. Though every time Mayor Humdinger tries something dastardly, the Paw Patrol are always able to foil his schemes.

After the meteor[]

After his nephew Harold accidentally sent his rocket to the moon crashing into a meteor and bringing it crashing down to Earth and gaining super powers as a result, Mayor Humdinger decided to steal the (recently dubbed) Mighty Meteor in order to gain superpowers as well and become the first ever super-powered mayor. However, the Mighty Pups foiled them, forcing Mayor Humdinger to retreat while his nephew was captured. But after Harold escaped, captured Ryder, took over the Lookout, and stole the Mighty Meteor again with a tractor beam, Mayor Humdinger was also brought to the Lookout with the beam and told his nephew to tap into its power to give him powers, but his nephew ended up turning on him and made him his "assistant mayor". However, Mayor Humdinger reminded his nephew that by capturing Ryder, the Mighty Pups would keep trying to free him, leading to Harold creating a giant Sentinel-like robot to capture the heroic pack of pups. Ultimately, the robot would cause the Lookout to become a spacecraft, causing Mayor Humdinger to realize that he was going to be the first mayor on the moon after all. But thanks to intervention from the Mighty Pups, that never happened and both the Mayor and his nephew were sent crashing down to Earth and, after Harold realized that his powers were gone thanks to the robot draining the last of the meteor's power, forced to clean the mess they caused.

This, however, would not be the end of Mayor Humdinger's days of villainy. He tried time and time again to get a piece of the Mighty Meteor so he could get super powers, but twice he failed thanks to Harold either getting the meteor first while he went back to Foggy Bottom for a snooze (in the first Mighty Pups Super Paws episode, When Super Kitties Attack) or Harold swooping in and grabbing the fragment before he could get it (as seen in the Mighty Pups Super Paws episode, Pups Stop Harold's Deep Freeze).

Mayor Humdinger after gaining energy from the Mighty Meteor

However, in the Mighty Pups Super Paws episode, Pups Save a Mega Mayor, Mayor Humdinger got his chance to have super powers when he fished a block of ice with a meteor fragment inside out of the cold waters of Foggy Bottom on a cold day. He broke the meteor fragment free and ended up becoming a giant Hulk-like creature with purple skin, like Thanos, incredible strength, and a limited vocabulary (much like Hulk). However, in this form, he stole cats from all over Adventure Bay, including two white tigers who were being taken back to their jungle home. He turned back with no memory of what happened after chasing one of his cats out over a gorge on a tree that he ripped out of the ground as a bridge, and ended up dropping the fragment out of his hat, where he stored it when he found it, down into the gorge. During all this, Ryder and Katie gave Mayor Humdinger's super powered form the name of Mega Mayor. Afterwards, he returned to doing villainous schemes the original way. He even attempted to steal the Mighty Meteor from the Lookout by sending the Mighty Pups after a decoy that he and the Kitten Catastrophe Crew made to keep them busy, but they ultimately retreated when Harold and his robotic cat, Meow Meow, who also gained super powers from a meteor shard that Harold fished out of the waters of Foggy bottom and accidentally sent flying into Meow Meow's back, were defeated by Skye and Zuma of the Mighty Pups.

Time as a sidekick[]

Foggy Boy on top of Copycat's tower

After his time as Mega Mayor, however, Mayor Humdinger did show an interest in gaining super powers again, but was ultimately given the role of sidekick when he helped The Copycat with his plan to build a tower larger than the Mighty Tower and later catch a meteor from an oncoming meteor shower to gain more power than the Mighty Pups. To that end, he was dubbed "Foggy Boy" by Copycat. Though he was abandoned by the Copycat when the tower was about to collapse and sentenced to fix the observatory after Copycat stole the telescope as part of his plan. When Copycat returned, so too did Foggy Boy, who said he carried his costume around in his Kitty Carrier. As Foggy Boy, Mayor Humdinger was tasked to guard the only way in or out of Copycat's energy dome he created to trap and prevent Hayley Daily from seeing the Paw Patrol while also trapping several civilians, but he ended up sliding off and falling into a bush.