The Mayor of Townsville
Real Name
First Appearance
What a Cartoon, "Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins"
Craig McCracken
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Skills and Abilities
Talented Wrestler (when motivated), Mayoral Experience (hampered by incompetence)
Tools and Weapons

The Mayor of Townsville is a supporting character in the animated TV series The Powerpuff Girls.

The Mayor is voiced by Tom Kenny.


No origin is provided for how the Mayor became the Mayor.


1998 series

Very little is known about the Mayor's youth and childhood. It is known that he grew up in the City of Townsville as shown in flashback.  It is also seen that he is married, but little is shown of his domestic life (though what is shown and said implies that it is an unhappy marriage).  As the Mayor of Townsville, he is supposed to be in charge of the town, though it seems likely his personal assistant Ms. Bellum is behind the day to day duties.  While the Mayor is certainly seen officiating many notable events around Townsville, behind closed doors, he is often seen doing childish things unrelated to the running of Townsville, while Ms. Bellum is usually seen either reminding him of his duties or preparing things for him.

When he initially met the superhero team the Powerpuff Girls, he disapproved of their destructive habits, though soon became one of their biggest supporters after they saved Townsville from Mojo Jojo and his army of super-intelligent simians.  In his office he had both a hotline directly to the Powerpuff Girls and a Powerpuff Girls signal installed to call the Girls in the event of an emergency.  Since then, he's been one of the Powerpuff Girls closest allies, albeit an often incompetent and ineffectual one.

The Mayor remained in his position, though he was temporarily usurped by the villain Fuzzy Lumpkins until he won back his position in a wrestling match.

2016 series

After his secretary Ms. Bellum left her position for a permanent vacation, The Mayor was left to fend for himself. Eventually he hired a new secretary at the advising of the Girls, who turned out to be a supervillain in disguise named Bianca Bikini.


The Mayor is often foolish and childish, even more than the Powerpuff Girls. He doesn't seem to take his job with any particular seriousness, often focused on frivolity and only acting in emergencies.

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