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Mega Man Rockman (japanese)


Real Name
Mega Man
First Appearance
Mega Man (1987)
Akira Kitamura, Keiji Inafune
Team Affliations
Megaman, MegaMan, Rockman, Rock Man, Mega (casually)
Base of Operations
Unnamed city in the future
Power Copying, Robot Body
Skills and Abilities
Agility, Marksmanship
Tools and Weapons
Mega Buster, Various Weapons Taken From Defeated Enemies

Mega Man (also spelled Megaman and MegaMan and called Rockman in the original Japanese games) is a robot superhero and the main character of the Mega Man video game series.


Created by Dr. Light, Mega Man was created to serve mankind, which forced him into combat with the forces of the mad scientist Dr. Wily.


Mega Man[]

In the year 20XX, Dr. Thomas Light created Rock, a robot with very human-like thinking capabilities and response to stimulus along with a sister robot named Roll.  He created the two as a pair for Light's first robot, Proto Man (Blues in the original Japanese game) went rogue and Light believed the two new robots could keep each other in check and support each other.  After Dr. Light's scientist colleague, Dr. Wily, goes mad, he began to unleash an army of robots to attack the populace. Dr. Light sends Rock to stop Dr. Wily, reprogramming and redesigning him to become suited for fighting and stop Dr. Wily.  Mega Man is now capable of firing bullets with his arm cannon, the Mega Buster, and is also given the capablilty to take the powers of defeated robot masters, Dr. Wily's chief robots behind his attacks.  After defeating each of the robot masters, Mega Man may then battle through Dr. Wily's castle to defeat him.  When Wily is defeated, Mega Man returns home to Dr. Light and Roll.

Mega Man 2[]

One year after Mega Man last defeated Dr. Wily, Wily returns with his own specially designed robot masters.  Mega Man is sent by once again to deal with Wily and defeats him and his robot army.  After defeating Wily's Robot Masters, Mega Man headed to Wily's castle to defeat him once and for all.  Wily attempted to trick Mega Man into thinking he was an alien, which failed and Mega Man defeated Wily once again.

Mega Man 3[]

Dr. Wily later seemed to want to repent, working with Dr. Light on a super robot called Gamma.  However, when the robots seemingly went berserk, Mega Man was called in to defeat them.  Mega Man also ran into the mysterious Break Man, a mysterious robot who repeatedly challenges Mega Man to combat. in the original Japanese).  Mega Man defeated them one by one and uncovered that Wily was once again behind the revolt of the robots.  Mega Man nearly died in the fight but was rescued by Break Man, who was revealed to be Proto Man his "brother" who was created by Light before Mega Man but had disappeared.  Meanwhile, Dr. Wily seemingly died after his base was destroyed but managed to escape.

Mega Man 4[]

Mega Man was called back into action when a new villain, Dr. Cossack, attacked eight cities with his own robot masters. Mega Man defeats the villain only to once again learn that Dr. Wily was the true threat, manipulating Dr. Cossack.