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Real Name
First Appearance
Megamind (2010)
Tom McGrath, Alan J. Schoolcraft, Brent Simons
Team Affliation
Base of Operations
Metro City
Skills and Abilities
Genius Inventor
Countless Tools and Weapons of his Own Design

Megamind is a supervillain turned superhero from the animated film Megamind.

Megamind is voiced by Will Ferrell.


Sent to Earth from his doomed home world, Megamind's odd behavior ostracized him from society and drove him to become a villain.  But after he lost his arch-enemy, his attempt to create a new hero resulted in the creation of a villain, forcing him to act as a hero.


As an infant, Megamind's home planet was facing destruction, forcing his parents to send him away to Earth.  He landed in Metro City and grew up there, alone and ostracized.  While growing up, he grew jealous of another alien immigrant who attended the same school he did, a boy who would grow to become the superhero Metro Man.  Megamind did try to win friends over with his scientific prowess, but discovered that his experiments gone wrong merely annoyed or endangered the other students, to the point where he was eventually sent to prison.  In prison, the only friends he was able to find were other inmates, who would often used Megamind's skills to help themselves, which made him very popular.

While Metro Man become Metro City's beloved hero, Megamind's penchant for causing trouble lead him to become a super-villain and Metro Man's greatest and most tenacious enemy.  Though Megamind never won a battle, he was still determined, coming up with grander schemes to defeat his nemesis.  However, after a plan that seemingly went awry, Megamind seemingly killed Metro Man when it turned out that he used copper in his deathtrap, which Metro Man proclaimed was his one weakness.  At first, Megamind was elated to finally defeat Metro Man and take the city as his own, but soon fell into ennui, realizing it was the battle between the two that gave his life meaning.

After Megamind nearly runs into Metro Man's former love interest Roxanne Ritchi while blowing up the Metro Man museum, he panics and disguises himself as the museum's curator Bernard.  The two begin talking and Roxanne unwittingly gives Megamind a solution to his newfound depression: to create his own superhero to challenge him once more.  Megamind creates a device that can give others incredible powers but after Roxanne and her cameraman Hal nearly discover Megamind's secret lair, Megamind ends up accidentally giving Hal superpowers, rather than a "worthy" recipient.

With Hal being given superpowers, Megamind then decided to give Hal the proper motivation and training to become a proper hero.  Megamind then visits Hal, concocting a story that Hal was actually born on another planet, that Megamind and Minion are his ghostly "space parents" and that Hal has been brought to Earth to do good.  He trains Hal to become a worthy hero while leading a double life as Bernard and ends up getting closer to Roxanne than he anticipated.  However, when Roxanne learns that Megamind has been wearing a disguise, she rejects him, leaving Megamind crushed.

Megamind also discovers that Hal is no longer interested in using his powers for good, instead becoming a criminal.  When he offers Megamind a team up, Megamind gets frustrated and reveals that he had been manipulating him into become a hero and lying about being his "Space Dad".  Enraged by this revelation, Hal tried to kill Megamind and when Megamind tried to stop Hal with copper (as he did with Metro Man) it was revealed to be ineffective.

Desperate, Megamind (as himself) pleaded for Roxanne's help to find a solution to defeat Hal (now called himself Tighten after mishearing Megamind's suggestion of Titan).  Roxanne took Megamind to Metro Man's old hideout, only to find Metro Man there, alive and well.  There Metro Man revealed he decided he needed a life change and decided to fake his death by feigning a weakness to copper.  Metro Man then refuses to intervene, though tells Megamind that there will always be a hero to stand up and help others.

Megamind, feeling defeated, decided to take himself back to prison.  However, when Tighten kidnapped and threatened to kill Roxie, Megamind, with the help of Minion, broke out of jail to stop him.  Megamind narrowly defeated Tighten by finding the gun to remove his powers and found himself celebrated as a hero by the people of Metro City.


Megamind is vainglorious and flamboyant, often trying to commit his various plans and plots in order to seek attention and gain notoriety.  Being an outcast at a young age and constaintly being upstaged by Metro Man, Megamind decided to make it his life's mission to defeat him.  Driven by a desire for attention and respect, Megamind became a villain in the hopes of showing that he was the superior figure.  However, when he finally seemingly killed Metro Man, he felt a strange emptiness, feeling the need to be challenged and continue his goals.  Upon his next "superhero" turning evil and in growing closer to Roxanne, he no longer hungered for attention and instead began wishing to help people and using his intelligence for good.


Alien Physiology - Megamind has an alien physiology.  It does not seem to grant him any superhuman powers or ability except probably his super intelligence but it does result in blue skin and a very large brain. Super Intelligence - Megamind's super-intelligence seems to be innate to his alien physiology and his unusually large brain.

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