Real Name
Elmo Sputterspark
First Appearance
Darkwing Duck, "Blind Duck"
Tad Stones
Team Affliation
The Fearsome Five
Base of Operations
St. Canard
Electrical control through his super-suit
Skills and Abilities
Extremely Skilled with Electronics and Machinery, Brilliant Inventor
Tools and Weapons
He wears an electrical suit to augment his super-powers.

Megavolt (Elmo Sputterspark) is a recurring villain on the animated TV series Darkwing Duck.

He is voiced by Dan Castellaneta and Keith Ferguson in the DuckTales reboot

Biography[edit | edit source]

Elmo Sputterspark was a very smart high school student with an affinity for electricity. When a bully named Hamm String sabotaged Elmo's science fair project, it shocked Elmo, giving him the ability to generate, project, absorb, and control electrical currents, even giving him the power to control electrical devices. However, it also fried portions of his brain, making him dangerous and erratic, believing that electronics and artificial conductors have been enslaved by mankind and need to be freed by him. Elmo then plotted to ruin the school dance and take revenge on Hamm, the school bully, while donning his new identity: Megawatt. Unfortunately, the name Megawatt was already being used by the band at the school dance and he stuck with Megavolt.

As time went on he had made a name for himself as a villain in St. Canard, attempting to "liberate" electronics. He is also shown as having two main hideouts: a cheap apartment on the bad side of town and a Lighthouse located at the part of St. Canard called Beaker's Point. Though unseen, it is implied that Darkwing and Megavolt had crossed paths on more than one occasion prior to the events of the series. When we are first introduced to Megavolt, he blinds Darkwing with his power, but it eventually defeated.

In another scheme, Megavolt tried to rob a bank using a revolutionary new invention called a tronsplitter, which seperated positive and negative electrons. However, when Megavolt's plan was interrupted by Darkwing Duck, he accidentally split him into two ducks: a purely good Darkwing and a purely evil Darkwing. Soon, Megavolt decides that the evil Darkwing is too dangerous to live and teams up with Gosalyn and Launchpad, Darkwing's sidekicks, to return him to normal.

Megavolt later came across an incomplete Darkwing Duck comic that Gosalyn was in the middle of writing (and that was cowritten by Launchpad and Darkwing) and decides to add to it to add his point of view to it. This results in a "battle" (via the story itself) between he and Darkwing over the ending of the story, which Darkwing wins.

Megavolt would then join the Fearsome Five, a team of super criminals who were beaten by Darkwing as individual and find themselves having no difficulty defeating him as a team.

Sometime after, Megavolt creates a new invention that ends up having the unintended side effect of giving Megavolt a super-power: to give household appliances life by touching them.  However, the appliances turned against Megavolt and attempted to use him to bring all of the appliances in the city to life.  After a battle between the appliances and Darkwing Duck to stop appliances from coming to life, Megavolt turns against the appliances and helps Darkwing defeat them.

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