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Mercury is the name o a Roman god, as well as the planet closest to Sol and a particular liquid metal.

Mercury is the name of several superheroes in a variety of different media.

Amalgam Comics[edit | edit source]

- Mercury is an Amalgam Comics character who was a combination of the DC Comics character Impulse and the Marvel Comics character Quicksilver.

DC Comics[edit | edit source]

- Mercury is one of the members of the Metal Men, a being of living mercury.

- Mercury is an ally to magician John Constantine.

-Max Mercury is a speedster hero and was the mentor to the young hero Impulse for a time.

- The Roman god Mercury and his Greek counterpart Hermes both also exist in the DC Universe.

- Mercury is also a minor enemy of the superhero Johnny Quick.

Marvel Comics[edit | edit source]

Mercury is the name of a mutant superheroine in the Marvel Universe and an ally of the X-Men.

Anime and Manga[edit | edit source]

- Sailor Mercury, ally of the Sailor Moon.

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