Since you refuse to work with me Space Ghost, you must die.



Metallus is a villain who appeared in the TV series Space Ghost and also made cameo appearances on various Space Ghost series such as Cartoon Planet and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Metallus is the robot master. Armed with a vast supply of robot fighters and ships, Metallus once took over the Ghost Planet. Metallus appeared on Space Ghost five times including the Council of Doomepisode.

In Space Ghost Coast to Coast, he is the minor antagonist (voiced by Michael Tew) who can only talk in a reverb-heavy metallic drone, rendering his every word incomprehensible, though other characters seem to understand him.

He is a big metal guy with a blue vest and gloves, and he has a helmet with a large, presumably ornamental "wings".

Since he cannot talk normally, his personality isn't developed all that much.

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