Metro Man

Metro Man

Real Name
First Appearance
Megamind (2010)
Tom McGrath, Alan J. Schoolcraft, Brent Simons
Team Affliation
Base of Operations
Metro City
Super-Strength, Super Speed, Super Durability, Flight, Healing Factor
Skills and Abilities
Musician, World Saving Experience

Metro Man is a superhero from the animated film Megamind.

Metro Man is voiced by Brad Pitt.


An orphan from another world, Metro Man grew up to dedicate his life to fighting crime as Metro Man.


Metro Man (real name unknown) was born on another world and was sent to Earth as an orphan. A showoff at school, Metro Man gained the ire of another alien, also an orphan on Earth, named Megamind after stealing his thunder when he simply wanted to be as accepted as Metro Man.  Metro Man became the hero of Metro City, or as Megamind calls it, metrosity, and had a museum of dedicated to him and his victories.  Megamind went on to become a supervillain and Metro Man's archnemesis, the two in constant struggle that Metro Man always won. During one of the two battles, Metro Man had an epiphany and decided he no longer wished to be a hero but instead a musician.  But when Megamind gets bored without a hero to fight and tries to create a new one, the problems began. When Megamind's new nemesis turns out to be a villain, he ends up meeting Metro Man, who is now living in seclusion in the abandoned schoolhouse both he and Megamind both attended.


Metro Man's known powers (some of Superman's powers) Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Durability, Flight, Heat vision, X-ray vision, Telescopic vision, Freeze Breath, Healing Factor, and Invulnerability.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Metro Man is capable of God like feats. He has infinite strength, the ability to breathe and fly in space, a relentless healing factor alongside complete invulnerability, super speed to the level where he can casually run across the entire Metro City instantly while time is already standing still, heat vision that can burn through anything, the ability to see as far has he needs and through anything he needs, and let’s not forget the fact that he lacks any weakness to speak of.