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The Micronauts


First Appearance
Micronauts (Vol. 1) #1 (January, 1979)
Bill Mantlo, Michael Golden
Mobile (in the Microverse)
Acroyear, Bug, Huntarr, Arcturus Rann, Marionette
Rallying Cry
Gadgets and Vehicles

The Micronauts are a superhero team in the Microverse. Originally, they were part of the Marvel Universe before becoming part of their own continuity.


When the Microverse (a tiny universe hidden within our own) was threatened by the despot Baron Karza, a group of heroes from across the Microverse banded together to end his reign and fight for justice.


The Karza War[]

Deep in the Microverse, a microscopic universe within our own, a mad dictator named Baron Karza began taking over many worlds through both guile and brute force. When Commander Arcturus Rann of Homeworld returns from a 1,000 year journey (most of which he spent in suspended animation), he and his robot assistant Biotron discover that Karza has murdered Rann's entire family, who were the royal family of a empire within the Microverse. Rann proceeded to seek justice against Karza by taking his ship, the HMS (Homeworld Micro Ship) Endeavor and recruit an army of freedom fighters to defeat Karza.

For his battle, he recruits Marionette and Prince Argon (royalty native to Homeworld and codenamed Force Commander), Acroyear, a warrior prince, Bug, a wise-cracking fighter and Microtron, Mari's robotic tutor. Eventually, Marionette fell in love with Rann and became the team's second-in-command in the event of Rann's absence. The team fought against Karza for a time, though also ended up on Earth at a size much larger to them but about the size of insects to the rest of humanity. There they helped people and battled some of this world's deadliest threats, including the Psycho-Man, Doctor Doom, HYDRA, the Molecule Man, and the Man-Thing. When the team returned to the Microverse, they battled against Karza and his army, the Dog Soldiers, once more. Eventually, the Micronauts finally faced Karza and defeated him, with Karza seemingly dying in battle, thanks to Rann using a semi-sentient power known as the Enigma Force that bonded with Rann when he was in suspended animation.

The War Continues[]

After the war, Prince Argon began acting in a more power mad manner, setting himself up as the new dictator of the Microverse, turning against his former allies. The Mirconauts discovered that Karza has actually possessed Argon and was using him as a new host and eventually was reborn through him, which killed Argon. Soon, the war was reignited and the Micronauts had to recruit new members (including Devil, Fireflyte, Pharoid, Slug, Margrace, Huntarr, Solitaire, and later replicas of Biotron and Microtron) to fight in the war. During the war, many members died, including Devil, Margrace, Slug, Pharoid, Solitaire and the new Biotron and Microtron. And though Karza was finally defeated, it came at a great cost: the destruction of Homeworld.

The New Voyages[]

With Karza finally defeated and the team weary of war, the Micronauts decided to dedicate themselves with exploration of the unknown corners of the Microverse.