Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse

Real Name
Mike Mouse
First Appearance
The Mouse of Tomorrow (as Super Mouse), The Wreck of the Hesperus (as Mighty Mouse
Paul Terry
Team Affliation
the League of Super-Rodents
Super Mouse (named Terry the First, a very different incarnation of the character)
Base of Operations
Vermin City
Super Strength, Flight, Super-Speed
Skills and Abilities
Hand-to-Hand Combat experience
Tools and Weapons

Mighty Mouse is a superhero and the main character in many short cartoon films.  He later appeared in TV series The Mighty Mouse PlayhouseThe New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle & Jeckle and Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures.

Mighty Mouse was originally voiced by Roy Halee, Sr. and later by Tom Morrison, Alan Oppenheimer and Patrick Pinney.


In the original cartoon, no origin is provided.



No backstory was given to the original Mighty Mouse (also called Super Mouse or Terry the First) save that he was a powerful, superheroic mouse who would protect those who needed saving. Often, he spends time saving his love interest, fellow mouse Pearl Pureheart, from disasters and villains such as the evil cat Oil Can Harry.  Most of the time, he fights off predators and bullies who target the weak, surprising them with his amazing flight, strength and speed. Mighty Mouse's enemies are primarily cats, though he is shown battling aliens, robots and even evil humans occassionally.  In addition, one incident had him defeating a demonic nameless cat who intended to spur on a mouse/cat war in a city that was segregated between the two species.

Mighty Mouse: The New AdventuresEdit

In the series Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, it is told that Mighty Mouse was born to mice in a tough neighborhood named Orage and Lara.  When the two realized the house they were living in was condemned, they sent their infant son in a rocket so that he might land somewhere safer.  He was also provided with limburger cheese to sustain him, though something happened to it to give it strange properties becoming Mighty Mouse's one weakness.  Mighty Mouse was found by a rural squirrel couple who took him in as their own, naming him Mike.  The couple soon also made the astonishing discovery that somehow, possibly due to living in a tougher neighborhood, Mike was born is amazing super powers.

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