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Mighty Pups

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First Appearance
Paw Patrol, "Mighty Pups"
Keith Chapman
Ella and Tuck (The Mighty Twins)
The Lookout/Mighty Tower
Rallying Cry
Mighty Pups are ready to go, go, go!
Mighty Pup Power!
Mighty Pups are on a roll!

The Mighty Pups are a team of dog superheroes from the TV show "Paw Patrol". They made their first appearance in the Paw Patrol 44-minute full-length special episode "Mighty Pups".


When a spaceship that Mayor Humdinger was planning to fly into space so that he could be the first mayor on the moon takes off without him and crashes into a passing meteor, the meteor comes plummeting down to Earth and crash lands on the beach in Adventure Bay. The Paw Patrol, who were on the scene to clear the streets before the meteor came crashing down, and Harold Humdinger, Mayor Humdinger's nephew who was on hand to help his uncle fly into space, investigated the glowing rock, but then got blasted by the meteor's powerful energy! This resulted in both Harold and the pups getting super powers. With their new powers from the recently dubbed "Mighty Meteor", the Paw Patrol became The Mighty Pups!

After they regained their powers in the debut episode of Mighty Pups: Super Paws, they also gained new vehicles for when they're sent out individually on missions and a Quinjet looking aircraft called The Mighty Jet for when they all have to go airborne. They soon gained new team members in the form of twin golden retrievers, Tuck and Ella, who helped them take down a villain known as Ladybird by getting super powers of their own, which ended up with them becoming the Mighty Twins. When they fought the Copycat on the debut episode of "Mighty Pups, Super Paws; Pups Vs the Copycat", they got a hover feature for their vehicles to get to the top of Copycat's tower as well as extra powers.

They ultimately, but temporarily, lost their powers when Harold, Ladybird, and Copycat teamed up to steal the Mighty Meteor. However, with just one fragment of the meteor, they managed to stop the trio of villains and retrieve the Mighty Meteor.


Team Members and Powers[]

  • Chase: When Ryder is busy, Chase takes the helm as leader of the Mighty Pups. Chase has the ability of Super Speed, much like other characters with the same power. However, he has a special gadget that none of them have, a parachute that he can deploy at will to help him slow down and stop, much like Flash. But when charged up, he gains a super powered and super loud bark, much like the television show featured in the Disney film, Bolt.
  • Rubble: Thanks to the meteor, Rubble can now be able to lift heavy objects with both his Super Strength and his strong claw, much like Mr. Incredible and Hulk. But when charged up, he can roll into a ball to protect himself or knock things down.
  • Marshall: Thanks to the meteor, instead of putting out fires, he can create heat with his paws. But when a fire needs to be put out, he can use his bubble pack to save the day from going up in smoke. When he's charged up, however, he gains the ability to jump extra high, much like how Superman can leap over tall buildings in a single bound.
  • Rocky: Because of the meteor, Rocky can create green energy constructs, mostly of tools, with his paws, much like Green Lantern. But when he's charged up, he gains X-Ray Vision, just like Superman and Supergirl.
  • Zuma: Thanks to the meteor, Zuma can now shoot water from his paws, and when he's out on the ocean with his surfboard, he can control the ocean waves, much like Aquaman. But when he's charged up, he can created energy bubbles to trap people and objects with, much like Bubble Boy.
  • Skye: Because of the meteor, Skye has the ability fly on a whirlwind instead of having to use her jet pack. But to control herself in mid-air, she uses her Wind Rider Wings, making her a combination of Red Tornado & Wonder Woman. But when she's charged up, she can control the weather, just like Weather Woman and Storm.
  • Everest: Due to exposure from the meteor, Everest can now breathe ice and snow with her mouth, much like Iceman and Frozone can with their hands.

Occasional Members[]

  • Ella and Tuck (aka The Mighty Twins): After being exposed to the meteor for the first time, Ella gained the ability to grow/expand to giant size much like Yellow Jacket, and her younger brother Tuck gained the ability to shrink to the size of a mouse or insect, also like Ant-man but much more like Wasp and the Atom. They mainly leap into action when Ladybird is on the loose.