The Mighty Pups are a team of dog superheroes from the children's television show, PAW Patrol. They made their first appearance in the PAW Patrol movie, Mighty Pups.

Origins Edit

Mighty Pups
First Appearance
Paw Patrol, "Mighty Pups"
No information
Ryder, Chase (Mighty Chase), Marshall (Mighty Marshall), Rubble (Mighty Rubble), Rocky (Mighty Rocky), Zuma (Mighty Zuma), Skye (Mighty Skye), Everest (Mighty Everest)
Ella and Tuck (The Mighty Twins)
The Lookout/Mighty Tower
Rallying Cry
Mighty Pup Power/Mighty Pups are on a roll
Jet Pack, Pup Pad, Drag-chute, Bubble Pack, Super Strong Claw, Wind-rider Wings, Surfboard, Iceboard, Super Vac
No information
Chase: Super Speed
Marshall: Able to melt anything with just a touch of his paws
Rubble: Super Strength
Rocky: Able to create green colored Energy Constructs (mainly of tools and/or a tool belt)
Zuma: Hydro-kinesis and can blast water from his paws
Ryder and Skye: Flight (vi a jetpack for Ryder)
Skye: can create a tornado to ride on (but can only control it with her Wind Rider Wings)
Everest: Super Freeze Breath
The Mighty Twins: Able to grow and shrink in size.

When a spaceship that Mayor Humdinger was planning to fly into space so that he could be the first mayor on the moon takes off without him and crashes into a meteor, the meteor comes plummeting down to Earth and crash lands on the beach in Adventure Bay. The Paw Patrol, who were on the scene to clear the streets before the meteor came crashing down, and Harold Humdinger, Mayor Humdinger's nephew who was on hand to help his uncle fly into space, investigate the glowing space rock, but then get blasted by the meteor's powerful energy! This results in both Harold and the pups getting super powers. With their new powers, the Paw Patrol becomes The Mighty Pups!

Members and powers Edit

  • Ryder: Though the only member of the Mighty Pups Team without superpowers, he is the leader of the group and manages to keep up with the team via flight by use of a jet pack attached to his super suit.
  • Chase (aka Mighty Chase): When Ryder is busy, Chase takes the helm as leader of the Mighty Pups. Chase has the ability of Super-Speed, much like other characters with the same power. However, he has a special gadget that none of them have, a parachute that he can deploy at will to help him slow down and stop.
  • Marshall (aka Mighty Marshall): Thanks to the meteor, instead of putting out fires, he can create them with his paws. But when a fire needs to be put out, he can use his bubble pack to save the day from going up in smoke.
  • Rubble (aka Mighty Rubble): Thanks to the meteor, Rubble can now be able to lift objects as heavy as a building with both his Super strength and his claw pack.
  • Rocky (aka Mighty Rocky): Much like the Lantern Corps, specifically the Green Lantern Corps, Rocky can create green energy constructs, mostly of tools, with his paws.
  • Zuma (aka Mighty Zuma): Thanks to the meteor, Zuma can now shoot water out of his paws, and when he's out on the ocean with his surf board, he can control the ocean waters, much like Aquaman.
  • Skye (aka Mighty Skye): Because of the meteor, Skye has the ability fly on a tornado instead of having to use her jet pack. But to control herself in mid-air, she uses her Wind-rider Wings, making her a combination of Red Tornado and Angel.
  • Everest (aka Mighty Everest): Due to exposure from the meteor, Everest can now freeze things with her super freeze breath, much like Frozone and Iceman do with their hands or much like Superman with his super freeze breath.
  • Ella and Tuck (The Mighty Twins): After being exposed to the meteor for the first time, Ella gained the ability to grow to giant size, much like Ant-Man/Yellowjacket and Goliath, and her little brother Tuck gained the ability to shrink to the size of a mouse, also like Ant-Man/Yellowjacket but much more like Wasp.
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