Mimete (ミメット Mimetto) is the orange-haired member of the Witches 5 with a rank of Level 40 and able to use the "Charm Buster" attack, named for the mineral mimetite. Under the alias of Mimi Hanyu (羽生美々 Hanyū Mimi), she is a pop idol who is prefect of Mugen Academy's Arts Division. She uses her cover to hold a concert for Mugen Academy students to take their Hosties, having not expected Sailor Venus to be attending under the guise of a Mugen student. When the other Sailor Guardians arrive, Mimete is forced to fight them with support from Daimons created from some of the students. But she ends up being killed by Sailor Uranus. When Kaolinite revives the Witches 5 for her curse against the Sailor Guardians, Mimete targets Venus through her fantasy and later attacks Sailor Moon before destroyed by the Outer Guardians.

In the anime adaptation, while ditzy and targeting celebrities, Mimete is assigned to collect Pure Heart Crystals after she orchestrated Eudial's death. Out of all the Witches 5, she is the least organized and the most easily distracted. She can launch mirages in the shape of stars at her opponents and induces severe vertigo and disorientation, capable of rendering someone unconscious in seconds. After several failed attempts at collecting hearts, she tries to use one of Eudial's abandoned inventions (Witches Electric Warp). The machine would transport a person inside of a television, which would increase that person's power exponentially. However, if the power to the television were disconnected while the user was still inside, the user would be trapped within it forever (the exact reason why Eudial never used it). Tellu mercilessly imprisons Mimete by pulling the plug off the machine.

In the original anime, she is voiced by Mika Kanai and in Crystal, she is voiced by Yuki Nagaku. Catherine Disher provides her voice in the Cloverway Inc. English adaptation, in which her name is changed to "Mimet". In the Viz Media English adaptation, she is voiced by Kira Buckland. In the musicals, she is played by Shiori Honda and Aki Kudou.

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