Real Name
First Appearance
Megamind (2010)
Tom McGrath, Alan J. Schoolcraft, Brent Simons
Team Affliation
Sidekick to Megamind
Metro City
Super-Strength (Mechanically Enhanced), Breathing in Water
Skills and Abilities
Experienced Assistant
Mechanical Body

Minion is the henchman/sidekick to the supervillain/hero Megamind in the animated comedy film Megamind.

He is played by David Cross.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Minion was a nameless pet from a faraway world given to the villain Megamind when he was an infant and was raised to be his loyal sidekick.

History[edit | edit source]

When young Megamind was sent from his dying home planet to Earth, his parents gave him a strange alien fish to keep him company.  As Megamind grew into a super-villain, he named the fish Minion and gave it a robot body in order to help him succeed in his evil plans.

When Megamind seemingly finally defeated his arch-nemesis Metro Man once and for all, Minion assisted in bringing in the reign of Megamind, only to find that Megamind was slowly becoming disillusioned with being a villain with no hero.  After Megamind gives super-powers to a hapless camera man named Hal in the hopes that he would become a superhero, Megamind disguises themselves as his "space dad" and both he and Minion begin training the Hal, now called Tighten, in the hopes that he would be a worthy opponent.

However, Minion later discovers that Megamind, in disguise, has been dating Metro Man's old girlfriend Roxanne and begins to question Megamind's interest in villainy.  The two part ways in anger, but when Megamind is arrested just as Tighten has decided it would be more fun to become a villain, Minion returned to break Megamind out of the asylum he was locked up in.  Together the two defeated Tighten, saved the city and were hailed as its new heroes in place of Metro Man (who, in actuality is alive and living in disguise).

The Button of Doom[edit | edit source]

Minion was last scene helping Megamind with a yard sale to sell all of their possessions from their days as villains.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Despite being a supervillain, Minion is usually quite friendly and helpful to everyone he meets.  He is also incredibly loyal to his master Megamind, though he is willing to argue with him regarding supervillainy, as when the two parted ways when Minion felt he felt Megamind was losing his way in the world of supervillainy.  Nonethless, he is willing to risk his life to protect Megamind and help him complete his mission.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Water Breathing - Being an alien fish (or fish-like creature), minion is capable of breathing underwater.  It is unclear if he can breathe out of water.

Super Strength - While Minion doesn't have super strength himself, the mechanical body he often wears does and is capable of lifting very heavy objects.

Super Endurance - Though Minion isn't particularly durable outside of his special suit, the suit does allow him to withstand a tremendous amount of physical stress.

Fish-Like Alien Physiology - Minion is a fish-like creature with a small body, which can work to both his advantage and disadvantage.  Based on what is seen, he has all of the capabilities of an Earth fish with human-level intelligence and a capability to speak.

Skills and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Minion is an experienced henchman who tends to be very good at following orders and carrying out his masters wishes.

Paraphenalia[edit | edit source]

Mechanical Body - Minion is equipped with an ape-like mechanical body that is strong and very durable.  It also allows him to survive outside of water by providing water for him.

Appearances in other media[edit | edit source]

Minion has appeared in several Megamind video game adaptations including Megamind: Ultimate Showdown, Megamind: The Blue Defender and Megamind: Mega Team Unite.

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