Mint Berry Crunch

Mint Berry Crunch

Real Name
Bradley Biggle
First Appearance
South Park, "Coon 2: Hindsight"
Matt Stone, Trey Parker
Team Affiliations
Coon & Friends
Base of Operations
South Park Colorado
Flight, A blend of mint and berry with the satisfying addition of crunch
Skills and Abilities
Novice crimefighter

Mint-Berry Crunch is a superhero who appeared in multiple episodes of the animated television series South Park.

Mint-Berry Crunch is voiced by Matt Stone.


The last son of a dying planet, Bradley Biggle was raised on Earth until his mint-berry superpowers finally emerged.


Gok'zarah was born on a distant planet Kokujon and he was sent to Earth to defeat the evil living on Earth.  He grew up on Earth as Bradley Biggle, completely unaware of his alien origins, leading a normal life in South Park, Colorado.  When the kids in town decided to play superhero, he decided to take on the identity of Mintberry Crunch, which tended to confuse the other kids who thought it sounded more like a serial or snack than a superhero name.

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