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Real Name
Frank Stiles
First Appearance
Freedom Force (March 22, 2002)
Robb Waters
Team Affliations
The Freedom Force
Base of Operations
Patriot City
Superhuman Strength, Speed, Reflexes
Skills and Abilities
Hand-to-Hand Combat Mastery
Tools and Weapons

The Minuteman is a patriotic superhero who appears in the video game Freedom Force.

The Minuteman is voiced by George Ledoux.


Scientist Frank Styles was shot while trying to thwart a Communist plot, only to gain powers by a statue of a minute man that was imbued with the power of the mysterious energy known as Energy X.  Discovering his newfound powers, he decided to fight evil as the patriotic Minuteman.


Not much of Frank Styles early years have been revealed.  What is known is that he became a brilliant scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project, the research and development project devoted to nuclear weapons during the second World War.  However, when Frank accused another scientist, O'Connor, of being a communist spy, he was dismissed from the project.

Decades later, while sitting in Patriot City Central Park. Frank spied O'Connor lurking about and decided to follow him. He learned he was trading secrets to a Communist spy named Sukhov an after Frank accidentally was scene, he was fatally shot by O'Connor. Frank dragged himself to a statue of a Revolutionary War-era minute man, which had been struct by a bolt of the mystery energy known as Energy X.