Miss Fury

Miss Fury

Real Name
Marla Drake
First Appearance
April 6, 1941
Tarpé Mills
Team Affliations
Black Fury
Base of Operations
unnamed metropolis
Enhanced Strength and Speed
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Expertise
Tools and Weapons
Special suit

Miss Fury (originally called the Black Fury) is a superheroine from the Golden Age of comic books.


Though Miss Fury's origin remains unknown, it is known that her superpowers come from her special catsuit.


Not much has been shown of Marla Drake's youth.  She grew into a rich socialite who struggled with feelings that her life had no purpose.  While planning to attend a party, she learned that another woman was going to wear her outfit and, at the suggestion of a housemaid, decided to wear an African panther skin willed to her by her uncle.

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