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Real Name
First Appearance
Space Ghost, "The Ovens of Moltor"
Alex Toth
Team Affiliations
The Council of Doom
Moltor (original appearance)
Base of Operations
No information
Alien Physiology
Skills and Abilities
Evil genius

Moltar is a supervillain who appeared in the television series Space Ghost and as a more comedy character in Cartoon Planet and Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.

Moltar was voiced by Ted Cassidy in the original cartoon and C. Martin Croker on Cartoon Planet and Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.


A scientist that specializes in genetic engineering with silicon based, molten life. He is an enemy of Space Ghost and the first host of Toonami. Moltar is a scientist/geologist that has the technology to genetically engineer molten creatures. He first appeared in comic books in Space Ghost #1 The Sinister Spectre, however he appeared in the original Space Ghost TV show long before that in the episode "The Ovens of Moltar".

Backstory: Though not much is known about Moltar's origins, it is likely, that at one point, something horrific happened to his face. This is probably the case due to the fact that he wears a helmet at all times. If this, indeed is the case than his disfiguration was most likely caused by the molten Lava that surrounds him constantly. His disfiguration might also have been what turned him bad. The pain from the burns might have been so great that it caused him to go insane or at least disgruntled enough to become a villain. On top of all that, his disfiguration might have alienated him from others.