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Real Name
First Appearance
Dexter's Laboratory, "Dial M for Monkey: Magnanamus"
Genndy Tartakovsky
Team Affliation
Base of Operations
unnamed city
Flight, Super-Strength, Limited Telepathy
Skills and Abilities
Hand-to-Hand Combat Experience
Tools and Weapons

Monkey is a superhero monkey from the animated TV series Dexter's Laboratory, specifically the recurring shorts Dial M for Monkey.


Once a regular lab monkey, Monkey secretly gained superpowers when boy genius Dexter tried to create a means to create superpowers.


Though the exact origins of Monkey's powers are unknown, it seems very likely that Monkey, who was Dexter's lab monkey, received his powers from various experiments by Dexter to give Monkey super-powers, which Dexter is unaware that he was successful in doing so. Whenever summoned (usually by Agent Honeydew), he arrives on the scene to save the world from monsters and villains.  Monkey has successfully saved the city, the world and himself from numerous strange threats and is a trusted ally to peacekeeping agency Global Security and the superhero team known as the Justice Friends.

Monkey also faced off against Quackor, an evil duck belonging to Dexter's rival Mandark.  However, during the battle the two ended up falling in love and ceased their war.  Monkey is later seen in his secret identity and coming across a pen that allowed the user to alter reality and used it to create things that he would like.

Last But Not Beast[]

When Dexter unwittingly released a dangerous monster named Badaxtra on the world, the world's greatest heroes, including Monkey, where summoned to stop it. With help from Dexter's family, Monkey was able to defeat Badaxtra and temporarily revealed in identity to Dexter, only to use Dexter's own memory erasure device on him.


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Skills and Abilities[]

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