Moon Knight

Moon Knight.jpg

Real Name
Marc Spector
First Appearance
Werewolf by Night #32 (August, 1975)
Doug Moench, Don Perlin
Team Affiliations
Secret Avengers, Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Defenders, Marvel Knights, Heroes for Hire, United States Marine Corps
Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, The Fist of Khonshu, Yitzak Topol, Mr. Knight
Base of Operations
New York City
Increased strength, endurance, and agility depending on the lunar cycle
Skills and Abilities
Expert detective, Proficient in martial arts and armed combat
Staff, Boomerangs, Armor

Moon Knight is a superhero in the Marvel Universe amd is the human avatar for the Egyptian god Khonshu.

History[edit | edit source]

Media[edit | edit source]

Appears in Ultimate Spider man

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