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Morgana MacCawber


Real Name
Morgana MacCawber
First Appearance
Darkwing Duck, "Fungus Among Us"
Tad Stones
Team Affliation
Base of Operations
St. Canard
Various Magical Powers, Particularly Levitating of and Transmutation of Objects and People
Skills and Abilities
Skilled in Magic and Knowledge of the Occult
Tools and Weapons
Uses of Few Magic Artifacts occasionally

Morgana MacCawber is a recurring character in the animated TV series Darkwing Duck, starting out as a villain before choosing to be a superhero.

Morgana is voiced by Kath Soucie.


A sorceress raised by monsters, Morgana initially used her powers for criminal gain, but soon turned her back on crime to become a superheroine.


Born into a family of monsters in MacCawber Castle, Morgana grew up to become a powerful (though sometimes absent-minded) sorceress. Following her family's footsteps, she started doing evil deeds on Earth. When Morgana first met Darkwing Duck, he had an evil plot involving mushrooms and pizza, but the two feel in love at first sight, making it difficult for Morgana to complete her plan and for Darkwing to stop her. In the end, Darkwing won the day, but Morgana was able to escape, leaving them both with bittersweet feelings.

When the two meet again, Morgana's next plan involves using magic sand to make the citizens of St. Canard sleepwalk and give her their money and possessions. However, soon she discovered that the dream entity, Nodoff, wanted to make the people of the world sleep forever, forcing her and Darkwing to team up to stop him. After that, Morgana decides to give up evil and she and Darkwing begin a relationship.

The next time she appears, she is visiting Darkwing in his lair when some of Darkwing's greatest enemies begin attacking St. Canard. At first, she proved herself to accident prone a spellcaster to help but after teaming up with four other superheroes, helped her new team, the Justice Ducks, defeat the villain team The Fearsome Five.

Later, Morgana teams with Darkwing to help defeat Negaduck, though not before Negaduck takes advantage of a schism between the two to defeat him. In the end, the two work through their differences and defeat Negaduck.

Later, Morgana introduces Darkwing to her family of monsters, though they disapprove of her seeing a normal human.  They end up turning Darkwing and his friends into monsters, which accidentally results in Darkwing breaking a longheld ceasefire between the humans and monsters.