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Mr. Incredible

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Real Name
Bob Parr
First Appearance
The Incredibles
Brad Bird
Team Affliation
The Incredibles
Base of Operations
Super Strength
Skills and Abilities
Experienced Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Heroic, clumsy, powerful, mighty, strong, tough, fatherly, protective, caring, brave, good-hearted, short-tempered, insecure (sometimes)

Mr. Incredible is the co-leader of the family superhero team The Incredibles from the Pixar movie The Incredibles.

Mr. Incredible is voiced by Craig T. Nelson.


It is unknown how Mr. Incredible received his powers or chose to fight crime. He retired after superheroes were being sued en masse and was coaxed out of retirement by the mysterious Syndrome.


The youth of Mr. Incredible and how he gained his powers remains unknown. Mr. Incredible, also known as Bob Parr, began his career like any other hero, before meeting Elastigirl, a fellow superhero who became the love of his life. He was also interrupted in his superhero duties by Buddy, a fan insistent that he become Mr. Incredible's sidekick, to the point that Mr. Incredible ends up yelling at him that he has no place in the world of superheroes. Bob eventually dropped out of the hero business due to the Superhuman Registration Act, which was created after a large number of people started suing superheroes over the damage and inconveniences caused by heroes in the line of duty.

After he and Elastigirl married, they decided to live a quiet life, having kids, and asking them to not draw attention to themselves with their superpowers. Over time, Bob Parr ended up gaining a lot of weight due to his inactivity (and age) and took on a frustrating job, which he eventually lost due to an ethical line he was unwilling to cross at work. Soon after, Bob was approached by the mysterious Mirage, who promised him an opportunity to get back in action on the sly. After paying a visit to Edna Mode, a superhero costume designer who gave him a new costume, he was taken to a mysterious island and fought with a seemingly unstoppable robot. Soon, Bob learns he wasn't the first hero taken to the island to be killed after he finds the corpses of several superheroes, including a familiar face named Gazerbeam. Soon, Mr. Incredible learns that the villain behind this is Syndrome, a fan of Mr. Incredible who was rejected by Mr. Incredible and turned bitter.

After the battle, he finds himself being rescued by his family, who have tracked him to the island and were given costumes by Edna. The family returns to Metro City in time to stop Syndrome's out-of-control robot and they are able to defeat it by working together. After Syndrome is defeated, the family choose to work together as a superhero team regularly (last seen opposing a new villain named the Underminer).


Mr. Incredible is a competent, professional superhero who deeply loves both helping others and fighting criminals. However, he is easily distracted and unable to prioritize. Following his retirement from being a superhero, he also suffered from a great deal of frustration, stemming from his inability to help people, though he did what he could within the restrictions of his jobs, for a while. He also struggles with encouraging his children to embrace their special gifts while also trying to make sure they keep their abilities secret.


It is unknown exactly where Mr. Incredible gained his super powers that they bestow him with superhuman strength and endurance

Super Strength - Mr. Incredible is shown has having great enough strength to lift several tons of weight.

Superhuman Endurance - Mr. Incredible is shown capable of withstanding powerful attacks from Syndrome's giant robot, as well as surviving a fall from an incredible height.

Skills and Abilities[]

Mr. Incredible is a skilled and experienced crime fighter, competent in hand-to-hand combat.

Mr. Incredible in other media[]

Mr. Incredible has appeared in various comic series in mini series published by Dark Horse Comics, Boom! Studios and very briefly Marvel Comics (reprinting the comics from Boom! Studios.

Mr. Incredible is also a playable character in the video game adaptation of the Incredibles.