Mr. Jigsaw


Real Name
Charlie Grant
First Appearance
Scary Tales #38
Ron Fortier, Gary Kato
Team Affiliations
Man of a Thousand Parts
Base of Operations
No information
Can detach his body parts, which can function indepently
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

Mr. Jigsaw is a superhero from who appeared in Charlton Comics and had the ability to detach his body parts.


Betty Jo Trent's body was forever altered after walking through a device known as the trans-molecular chamber. Though seemingly unaffected, she later gave birth to her son Charles, who discovered he had the ability to detach and reattach his body parts and control them remotely.  Using his powers, Charles decided to become the superhero Mr. Jigsaw.


When Betty Jo Trent, the mother-to-be of Charles Grant accidentally walks through a 'trans-molecular chamber' device invented by Professor Thaddeus Coran, she exits the device unharmed. Which is not to say unchanged. When she later marries David Grant and gives birth to Charlie Grant, the parents soon discover his ability to separate his appendages from his body and re-attach them at will.

Later in life, Charlie decides to begin a career as a superhero. He finds Amy Boucher, a reporter with a hook in lieu of her missing right hand. Amy has a flat tire on her old truck. Charlie approaches her, and after some interrogation, she offers Charlie a ride.

Charlie changes into his superhero costume on the ride. Soon, escaped prisoners armed with guns stop the pair. In his first outing as Mr. Jigsaw, Charlie makes short work of the criminals.

Powers Edit

Body Part Detachment and Control - Mr. Jigsaw's abilities let him disengage his body parts, which are then able to be moved autonomously by Mr. Jigsaw to perform tasks.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Mr. Jigsaw is a relatively novice crime fighter, though he acquits himself well in his early adventures.


Notes Edit

Mr. Jigsaw is the creation of writer Ron Fortier and artist Gary Kato. In 1982 Ron Fortier contacted friend Gary Kato to create a submission for Charleton Comics. The first story, Man of a Thousand Parts, was subsequently accepted and printed in Charleton's Scary Tales.

Mr. Jigsaw is a continuing comic series, including graphic novels and individual comics, through Rob Davis' Redbud Studio Comics.

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