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Mr. Machine Gun

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Real Name
Ben Vanderslice
First Appearance
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay [referenced], Michael Chabon Presents: The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist #7 (July, 2005) [comics appearance]
Michael Chabon
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Tranforms his hands into a gun
Skills and Abilities
Spy, Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons
Machine Gun Hand

Mr. Machine Gun is an antihero alluded to in the novel The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Klay and appears in various Escapist comic books.


A gun manufacturer, Ben Vanderslice went to Germany in 1941 to seal a contract to make a deal with the German government. In fact, he was sent as a spy to help find information of an important weapons engineer only to be caught. During his capture, he had his hand amputated and replaced with an experiental weapon that turned his hand into a machine gun. Escaping, he returned to America to fight criminals and enemy spies as the crime fighter Mr. Machine Gun.


Much of Ben Vanderslice's history is unknown. What is known is that he was a gun manufacturer who agreed to work with the U.S. government as a spy. As part of his assignment, he was sent to Germany in 1941 under the auspice of making a deal with the Germans for weapons. However, he was eventually caught spying and was made part of an experiment to test a new weapon.  His hand was removed and replaced with a special mechanical hand capable of transforming into a machine gun.  Ben was able to use this new weapon to escape and returned to America.  From then on he decided to fight crime as a superhero named Mr. Machine Gun.


Though he doesn't any powers of his own, Mr. Machine Gun can transform his prosthetic hand into a gun.

Skills and Abilities[]

Spycraft - Though the extend of his spy training is unknown, it is likely that he is a somewhat amateurish spy who was given some training and orders from his handlers.


Machine Gun Hand - Ben Vanderslice was given a special weapon on his hand capable of turning into a fully functional machine gun.