Real Name
Aquaria Nautica Neptunia
First Appearance
Marvel Mystery Comics #47 (May 1947)
Ken Bald, Syd Shores
Team Affliation
Agents of Atlas, Renegades, Avengers (1950s), The Monster Hunters
Avenging Daughter, The Sea-Woman, The Sea Beauty
Base of Operations
Superhuman strength, limited invulnerability, swim at superhuman speeds, ability to breathe both water and air, slowed aging process, and wings-like appendages on her ankles that allow her to fly.
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons

Namora is a superheroine in the Marvel Universe and a relative of Namor.


After her father was murdered by greedy treasure hunters from the surface world, Aquaria Nautica Neptunia sought to avenge her father, taking on the named Namora ("Avenging Daughter" in Atlantean). Soon, her journey turned from one of vengeance to one of justice, becoming a powerful and just superhero with the aid of Namor.



Like her cousin Namor, Aquaria Nautica Neptunia (nicknamed "Namora" by her parents) was the child of an Atlantean woman and a human man, though their names are lost to time. When she met her cousin, Prince Namor, for the first time as children, he dismissed her as he was young and uninterested in hanging around girls, though was soon forced to spend time with her by his mother, Princess Fen. When the two went off to play with their cousin Byrrah and Namor's friend Meranno, the group decided to explore a sunken submarine when Namor accidentally got trapped in a torpedo tube. When Namora was the only one strong enough to free him, the arrogant Namor was humbled and earned his respect, and the two soon became close friends spending much of their youth together.

Later, the two (along with Byrrah) took a trip to an abandoned Antarctic town known as "Little America", where the stumbled upon some empty cabins. While exploring a cabin, Namora accidentally knocked over a can of kerosene which started a great fire in the cabin that threatened to incinerate her. This time Namor saved her, using levels of super strength that he was previously unaware of. Sometime after this, Namora left Atlantis with her family and would not see her cousin again for a long time.

Avenging Her FatherEdit

As Namora grew older, her blue skin that marked her as Atlantean began to fade and took on the Caucasian tone found in many humans of the surface world and because of this, her father revealed to her that she was half-human. In 1947, Namora and her father returned to Atlantis after being invited her father was invited to hold court by his father Lord Thakorr. A day of celebration was held for Thrakkor's birthday, where he invited Namor, who's exile from Atlantis had ended.  However, before Namor arrived, the party was crashed by the gangster "Stomp" Richards and his men, who had found his way to Atlantis, and Stomp's gang proceeded to kill many innocents, and wounded Lord Thrakkor.

When Namor arrived, Namora told him what happened and convinced him to allow her to come and get revenge on "Stomp" Richards for his crimes.  The two defeated Richard and his gang and Namora decided to stay on the surface to learn more about her human heritage.  To this end, Namora moved in with Betty Dean, Namor's long-time companion, and ended up making friends and forging her own life on the surface.  Namor and Namora went on to thwart villains such as the Brain, Spectacles, "Pirate" Fletcher, Dr. D. Mencha and Sari Tartar.

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