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Real Name
Namorita Prentiss
First Appearance
Sub-Mariner #50 (June, 1972)
Bill Everett
Team Affliations
Water Children, New Warriors, Defenders, Secret Defenders, SURF, Soldiers of Misfortune, Atlantean Council of Three, Fantastic Four
Kymaera, Hard, Nita
Base of Operations
Aquatic adaptation, Super strength, high speed swimming, atmospheric flight Touch can create burning acid or paralytic toxin, Can become transparent
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons

Namorita is a character in the Marvel Universe who is a relative to Namor and and daughter/clone of Namora.


Namorita was the cloned daughter of Namora who was orphaned when Namora was seemingly killed. After being blackmailed into trying to kill Namor, became his ally and a crime fighter.



Namorita was the born the daughter of superheroine Namora and Talan, a member of the Atlantean royal family.  The scientist Vyrra helped create Namorita using genetic manipulation to impregnate Namora with her own clone, as well as having genetic traits of the greatest Atlantean warriors through history.  When Namorita was three years old, her father died and Namora and Namorita moved for the underwater city of Lemura.  However, Namora had a rival, Llyra, who poisoned her when Namorita was still a pre-adolescent.  Llyra took control of the throne and custody of Namorita, but while Namorita suspected Llyra's plot, she was unable to prove it.

Namor was later reunited with Namor on the surface world and suggested that Namorita stay with his friend Betty Prentiss.  Disguised as a human, Namorita attended high school and university on the surface world and considered Betty to be a second mother, even taking her name after she died.  Eventually, she moved into her own apartment and became an adventurer, even joining the Water Children, a spiritual movement started by the cosmic superhero Wundarr.

The New Warriors[]

When the villain Terrax coincidentally appeared at Namorita's university, she was quick to spring into action to fight him and found herself teamed with other teen heroes with the same intent.


Appears in Fantastic Four (1990)