Captain America Comics

The iconic cover of Captain America's first appearance, featuring him punching out Adolf Hitler.

Nazism is the ideology and set of practices associated with the 20th-century German Nazi Party in Nazi Germany and of other alt-right groups. Often in superhero fiction, Nazi Germany appears as a common threat in the Golden Age of comic books and remains a recurring threat to this day, due to their support of hatred and fascism, ideals opposed by majority of superheroes in fiction.


Prior to America's involvement in World War II, there were very few direct references to the Nazi party.  Often analogues were used; many comics featured fictional European nations with vague regimes and strife which mirrored Germany in superficial ways, but usually were not direct parallels.  The most famous exception was the first issue of Captain America Comics, which featured the title character punching Hitler in the face.  The comic sold nearly a million copies and was popular with most readers, some took objection, with the comic company receiving hate mail, threats and, according to co-creator Joe Simon, menacing groups of people loitering in the halls.[1]


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