Nebula Mask Machineman is a Japanese tokusatsu television series created by Shotaro Ishinomori and produced by Toei Company. It aired from January 13 until September 28, 1984. Traveling in the spaceship "Space Colony", Nick, with the help of his ball-shaped robot "Ball Boy", arrive on Earth to study the behavior and manners of human beings for his doctoral degree thesis. Under the human identity of a young man named Ken Takase, he meets Maki Hayama, a photographer at Shukan Hit newspaper, and later saves her from a building fall. Maki was taking pictures for a scoop about a building which had been mysteriously demolished. Later, she and Ken find that the evil organization "Tentacle" is behind the demolitions and other evil deeds around the world. Nick then decides to extend his stay on Earth and uses his advanced technology and superior powers to protect his Maki and the children of Earth under the alter-ego of Machineman, a red- and yellow-suited superhero. Armed with an advanced technology weapons, he begins fighting Tentacle's cyborgs and protect humankind. Similarities to:

Superman: His disguise is similar to Clark Kent, he even takes off his glasses even though he wears a mask helmet that is much better. In some moments he is seen wearing a transparent cover, one of them was when he saved a person by falling jumping so high that he seemed to be flying to the top of the building (the character depends on a vehicle that changes from land to air to get from one place to another). His helmet gives him x-ray vision, and even without the helmet he has super-hearing, on one occasion he saved himself from a bullet by firing at it with his laser pistol, but then he saved himself from the others showing that it is fast enough to pick them up and strong enough to destroy them with your hands.

Green Lantern: He can make green light barriers with his sword (which only he can hold) and can also make a tractor beam.

Zorro: On one occasion he marked the first letter of his name "M" on the clothing of an enemy, and on one of the occasions when he was on the cover he defeated an opponent by making the three cuts of the letter Z.

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