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Real Name
Thomas Andrew Tresser
First Appearance
The Brave and the Bold (Vol. 1) #166 (September, 1980)
Cary Burkett, Dan Spiegle
Team Affliations
Shadow Fighters, Suicide Squad, The Jihad, Global Peace Agency
Sarge Steel, many others
Base of Operations
Skills and Abilities
Armed and Hand-to-Hand Combat Training, Master of Disguise
Tools and Weapons
Special realistics masks for disguises, Spray Used To Destroy Masks

Nemesis is a secret agent superhero and master of disguise in the DC Universe.


Once a talented vigilante, Thomas Tresser was recruited by the government as a spy after his brother was turned into an enemy agent by an evil organization and dedicated his life to fighting evil as Nemesis.


The War with the Council[]

Not much is known about Thomas Tresser's childhood and early life. However, it is known that for a time he was a vigilante who ended up getting the attention of the government who recruited him as an agent for an unnamed agency and trained him to be a skilled fighter, spy and master of disguise. His brother Craig was also an agent, an undercover spy infiltrating the Council, a mysterious criminal syndicate. However, Craig was caught and then brainwashed into killing Ben Marshall, a friend of the Tresser family and was killed by fellow government agents in self-defense.

With his family name tainted, Tresser soon took on the moniker Nemesis and began to use his skills to battle the Council and destroy it. He allied himself with Batman and was able to avenge his family with lethal force on the men who used his brother. However, when Tresser killed the Council's leader by crashing his plane, Tresser was thought to be dead as well.  He, in fact, survived with critical injuries and was taken to the hospital by federal agents. The U.S. Government paid for an expensive operation to save him, only for them to ask him to join the black ops team Task Force X (more commonly known as the Suicide Squad) to work off the debt.

Suicide Squad[]

Tresser's first mission with the Suicide Squad, a team consisting largely of villains and anti-heroes, was to infiltrate and dismantle the terrorist group Jihad.

In other media[]

He appears in the crowd of superheroes from the cartoon: Justice League Unlimited.