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The New Universe

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Marvel Comics
Notable Characters
Starbrand, Kickers, Inc., DP7, Justice, Nightmask, Psi-Force, Marc Hazzard, Spitfire & the Troubleshooters
First Appearance
Star Brand #1 (October, 1986)
Earth-148611, The World Outside Your Window

The New Universe was a short lived continuity published by Marvel Comics.



The New Universe was a reality much like our own, seemingly without paranormal or extra-human activity.  Then, one day, a flash of light in the sky, known thereafter as the White Event, was followed short by various paranormal phenomena and entities.  At this point, heroes  alike started to appear, such as Nightmask, Spitfire. Justice and Starbrand and with them various villains.  Slowly, the world got accustomed to the new super-beings in their world and it seemed that the world was willing to accept this as the new status quo.

However, during an adventure in Pittsburgh, Starbrand fought an enemy in a battle that destroyed the city in what people later dubbed "The Black Event".  The Black Event started a domino effect that sent the world into a war that the brought the world to the brink of destruction.  The world eventually found peace again, but at a great cost to all involved. 

Things became relatively calm for the next few years until for the first time a resident of the New Universe made contact with those in the Marvel Universe when Starbrand encountered Quasar, giving him his power to return to his own universe.  Eventually, due to the Star Brand's power, the cosmic entity known as the Stranger steals the entire planet Earth of the New Universe and transports it to his LabWorld in the Marvel Universe for study.  Later the Living Tribunal, a cosmic entity that acts as a judge over matters of universal importance stated that it must be left in isolation due to the power of the Star Brand and remains today orbiting the Lab World, unseen by anyone else in the Marvel Universe.  Since then, several people from the New Universe have escaped Lab World and became part of the Marvel Universe.


In another, very similar universe, a White Event occurred very similar to the one that occurred in the New Universe.  There are other signifcant alterations from the original universe: America is much more isolationist, communist Russia fell apart not long after WWII and China became the world leader in space travel.

References in Other Media[]

  • A parody comic of the New Universe was released in 1986.  Titled Failed Universe, it was published by Blackthorn Publishing.
  • The New Universe was also referenced in the DC Comics mini-series Legends in issue #5, when a new villains talks about his plot to create a "new universe"
  • In the independent comic Aristocratic Xtraterrestrial Time-Traveling Thieves (vol.2) #2, the embodiment, confined in a suitcase, is thrown into the New Universe.
  • In Marvel Comics' humor book What The--?! #4, the imprint and continuity is parodied in two pages, including by Peter David, a comics writer who was behind two New Universe series at the time.
  • There was also a New Universe reference in The Amazing Spider-Man #559.