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The Nexus of All Realities

Nexus of All Realities.png

First Appearance
Fear #11 (December, 1972)
Louisiana Swamps
Notable Residents

The Nexus of All Realities is a location in the Louisiana Swamps in the Marvel Universe where all dimensions crossover.


The exact history of the Nexus of All Realities is unknown, nor is it certain if it is naturally occuring or was created by an entity or force.  But it is known to be the place where all realities intersect, making it a gateway to all worlds.  In the universe known as Earth-616, the Nexus is located in the swamps of Louisiana.  For reasons unknown, the creature known as Man-Thing was drawn to the Nexus and became the Nexus' protector and caretaker, after a fashion.  The Nexus continues to be a doorway through which people may enter or exit from to find themselves on other worlds.

Notable residents[]

Man-Thing - On the Earth of the Marvel Universe, the Nexus is located in the Florida Everglades.

Other notable nexuses[]

The Nexus can be in many places and many universes at once, though each entry point location is referred to as another nexus.

On Earth-928 in an alternate future, a project called Virtual Unreality managed to tap into the Nexus and the villain Doom attempted to use it to call on an army of soldiers from across time and space before being defeated by the Spider-Man of that era.