Night Force


First Appearance
New Teen Titans #21, (July 1982)
Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan
Wintersgate Manor (Washington DC)
Baron Winters (leader), Vanessa Van Helsing, Jack Gold, Donovan Caine, Zadok Grimm, Paul Brooks
Rallying Cry

Night Force is a super-hero team in the DC universe made up of mystics, magicians and paranormal investigators invariably manipulated by Baron Winters.


The Night Force is a group of paranormal investigators brought together by the mysterious Baron Winters, who himself cannot leave to go on missions for reasons that aren't entirely clear save that for some reason Winters is incapable of leaving his mansion, Wintersgate Manor. Unlike many super-teams, the membership changes based on Winters' needs, rarely maintaining the same members.

In the first team's mission, Baron Winters recruits Jack Gold and Donovan Caine to help save Vanessa Van Helsing from being overcome by her own psychic powers.

Years later, Winters assembled another team with Donovan Caine, Marc Diamond, Eddie Furlow, and Halley Davis to investigate a rash of children being seemingly possessed or controlled by an evil force.

Most recently, the Night Force was assembled by Baron Winters when a police officer discovered a conspiracy tracing back hundreds of years.


Baron Winters - The creator of the various teams that made up Night Force and their taskmaster, who himself is unable to directly participate, though can give insight and information.

Wintersgate ManorEdit

The Night Force's organizer, Baron Winters, is based in Wintersgate Manor, located in Washington, DC

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