Night Nurse

Night Nurse

Real Name
Linda Carter
First Appearance
Linda Carter, Student Nurse #1 (September, 1961)
Al Hartley, Stan Lee
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
New York City
Skills and Abilities
Medicine and nursing
Medical tools

Night Nurse (Linda Carter) is a superheroine in the Marvel Universe who helps injured superheroes.


After being rescued by a superhero, Linda Carter decided to repay the superhero community by starting a clinic for superheroes.


Linda Carter was born in Allentown, New York to parents whose names have yet to be revealed, though it is known her father was a physician who had a practice in the area.  She had a fairly normal childhood and after graduating high school, went to medical school and gained a nursing degree.  Eventually, Carter moved to New York City and took a job at the Metro-General Hospital and began working alongside nurses Christine Palmer and Georgia Jenkins.  She fell in love with business Marshall Michaels, he made her choose between her job and him and eventually she chose to stay at the hospital.

While at the hospital, she also showed a skill at detective and investigative work following unusual events at the hospital.  At some unknown date, she was rescued by a masked hero and she decided a change in career, opening a clinic for superheroes injured in the line of duty.

Media Edit

The character Claire Temple from the show Daredevil, is somewhat based on the character Night Nurse.

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