Nightmaster (1)

Real Name
Jim Rook
First Appearance
Showcase #82 (May, 1969)
Denny O'Neil, Jerry Grandenetti
Team Affliations
Shadowpact, Primal Force
Base of Operations
Eternal Youth (with sword), Can Compel Truth (with sword), Can Sense Danger (with sword)
Skills and Abilities
Swordsmanship Expertise
Tools and Weapons
Magic Sword and Armour

The Nightmaster (Jim Rook) is a mystical superhero in the DC Universe and the leader of the superhero team Shadowpact.


After stumbling onto an old shop called Oblivion, rock star Jim Rook was transported to another world where he gained the Sword of Light, which allowed him to become the hero Night Master.


Very little is known of Jim Rook's childhood or upbringing. Jim Rook was once a singer in the rock band The Electrics who stumbled onto a mysterious old shop called Oblivion, Inc with his girlfriend Janet Jones. When inside, he finds himself transported to the world known as Myrra, where he learns that he is the descendant of the warrior Nacht, a hero from long ago. Soon, Janet is taken by Warlocks and in order to save her, Rook acquires the Sword of Night, imbued with powers to warn the owner of danger and can compel others to tell the truth.

It is not long before Rook finds himself having to save Myrra from evil warlocks.

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