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Real Name
Kozue Kaburagi
First Appearance
Empowered (vol. 1) #1, (March, 2007)
Adam Warren
Team Affliations
The Ninja Princess
Base of Operations
unnamed city
Ability to Cast Illusions
Skills and Abilities
Superior Agility, Master Escape Artist, Stealth, Unarmed Combat Mastery, Weapons Mastery
Tools and Weapons
Various Ninja Weapons

Ninjette is a superheroine/antiheroine in the comic book series Empowered and is best friends with the title character.


A former ninja of the Kaburagi clan, Kozoe Kaburagi fled to avoid living her life under her father's thumb and became an indepentant ninja for hire.


Early Life[]

Ninjette was born Kozoe Kaburagi of the Kaburagi band of ninjas.  When she was a teenager, Kozoe chose to become a "nukenin" (runaway ninjas) to avoid being a "breeding sow" for the next generation of Kaburagi ninjas.  She eventually became a ninja for hire, as well as a problem drinker (though this rarely seems to get in the way of her work.)  In an early job, she captures the superheroine Empowered for some criminal thugs.  However, when the criminals fail to show, Ninjette gave up and the two ended up going out for drinks.


At some point, Empowered and Ninjette became close friends and roommates.  Ninjette continued to be a ninja-for-hire but would often help Empowered when she needed it.  She even trained Empowered in various skills, though Empowered proved to be a difficult student.  Ninjette also became friends with Empowered's friend Thugboy, a former superhero/villain-killer.


Ninjette has powers that stem from her ninja training.

  • Illusion Casting - One technique Ninjette has learn was to cast illusions to trick and confuse her opponents.