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Nomad is the name of several superheroes in the Marvel Universe, all of whom, as the name implies, are nomadic in nature.

Steve Rogers[]

Steve Rogers as Nomad.

Nomad was an identity that was used for a time by Steve Rogers, after he gave up the Captain America identity.  After discovering that a high-ranking government official was the leader of the terrorist organization known as the Secret Empire (it was heavily hinted to be President RichardNixon), Steve Rogers became disillusioned and abandonded his Captain America mantle.  Steve later meets with Hawkeye (who is in the guise of The Golden Archer) and is convinced to return to crime fighter, and he does so, now calling himself Nomad.

Losing the patriotic symbolism and seeing himself as a "man without a country", Nomad traveled the country looking to help people and fight crime.  Donning a new costume, Nomad was somewhat successful in his adventures, despite some embarrassments and failings, such as tripping on his own cape.  However, after journeying and fighting crime for a short time, he was called upon to once more become Captain America and battle the villain Red Skull once more.  Since then, Steve Rogers hung up the Nomad identity, until it was taken by others who would go on to become allies of Captain America.


Like he does in his Captain America guise, Steve Rogers exposure to the super soldier serum has given him peak physical abilities including strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and stamina.

Edward Ferbel[]

Edward Ferbel.jpg

Edward Ferbel was the second man to take on the identity of Nomad, though he wasn't so much a hero but an unwitting pawn of the supervillain The Red Skull.


An actor hired by the villain Ameridroid, he was manipulated into dressing up as Nomad for staged fights, unaware of the true intentions of giving him the disguise.


Edward Ferbel's life prior to working with Ameridroid is unknown.