Nomad Jack Monroe

Real Name
Jack Monroe
First Appearance
Young Men #24 (December, 1953)
Russ Heath
Team Affliations
Secret Defenders
Bucky, Scourge
Base of Operations
Physiology genetically enhanced
Skills and Abilities
Expert marksman, Skilled in many martial arts and acrobatics
Firearms, Stun Discs

Nomad (Jack Monroe) was a superhero in the Marvel Universe and an ally of Captain America.


The sidekick to the second Captain America, Jack Monroe was reawakened years later from suspended animation.  After years of being manipulated by villains, he decide to strike out on his own as the crime fighter Nomad. 



Jack Monroe was born to Ed and Mary Ellen Monroe in Cutler, Iowa on December 7th, 1941, the day the Japanese air force attacked Pearl Harbor and was raised along with his sister Jill.  Cutler was a town of Nazi sympathizers and in 1944, young Jack found that his father had a secret room with Nazi paraphernalia.  His father was also very abusive and beat his son when he found the room, for fear he would tell others.

In 1949, Jack and his friends began bullying a boy named Bartholomew Ingrid and he beat him mercilessly when he tried to fight back.  Later, Jack took a swastika armband from his father for show and tell, which eventually got sent to the principal's office, who, in turn, alerted the FBI.  The FBI discovered Jack's parents and a large number of Cutler residents were Nazi sympathizers.  As a result, most of the town's parents were arrested, including Jack and his sister, and were placed into foster families.  As Jack grew older, he would gradually suppress these memories.  Not much is known about the period of time Jack spent in a foster home.


In 1953, Jack attending Lee School, a high school in New York, where he took a deep interest in the superhero Captain America and Bucky, so much so that he insisted on calling himself Bucky.  There, Jack met William Burnside, a man obsessed with Captain America to the point where he legally changed his name to Steve Rogers and had plastic surgery to look as much like him as possible in the hopes that the government might choose him to be the next Captain America.

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